Electrical tracing for frost-proofing or temperature conservation

VDI has experience and expertise for many years in the supply and installation of insulation for air ducts and flue gas ducts up to 1,200°C!

The hot or cold ducts can be insulated thermally for both heat conservation and personal protection or for condensation-proofing, using rock wool, glass wool, synthetic rubber, cellular glass, ceramic wool, PIR, phenol foam, ... in the shape of plates and blankets. The insulation materials can be supplied with different finishes such as: fibre glass reinforced aluminium foil, Mylar foil, various metal covers such as aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel, ... and various coatings.

VDI developed a unique system of plate covers for ducts, so that already for years and years we can guarantee that no water will accumulate on the ducts and that they remain sealed against rainwater without using silicone kits. In all cases, the insulation stays dry and this even after many years!

VDI always gives advice, and in consultation with the customer always the most fitting selection is made taking the budget into consideration.

electric tracing


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